Visual Storytelling In Times of Crisis

for The Climate Resilience Network in South-East Asia

The Reason

Normally, the target audience would have received just a 100+ pages report about the impact of the climate crisis and COVID-19 on agriculture.

But when the client has seen my work, she got inspired and she applied for funds to create a bold, visual, extra material - with the purpose of pushing the urgent message through to the audience: Action is needed, now. We need to align all post pandemic policies with the climate crisis needs. We need to build back better. We need a solid green recovery in the segment of agriculture.

The whole visual storytelling concept was meant to make the important message more potent.

The program, entitled: “Climate Smart Land Use in ASEAN (CSLU)” was funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Developement (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ GmbH) in cooperation with ASEAN Climate Resilience Network.

The Process

We actually started out our collaboration with the creation of a digital token for an online conference on the same topic as the booklet. It was a good exercise to get to know each other and how we work together.

In the very initial steps, research was needed - cultural, of the domain, contextual. Afterwards, I delivered a description of what I would illustrate. And then delivered the first drafts.

The funny thing is - I first entered this project with my designer shoes. And not with my artivist shoes. I was shy to do so - and so, these few illustrations drafted later, we were in a call. 

My client, Dada, was telling me that she wants me to be braver, more conceptual - and less descriptive. That is when I have realized that I had almost complete creative freedom.

And that I just need to do what I do even on my own: use visuals as a weapon for the good and for speaking out what matters.

Case Study Summary

Client Location:
SE Asia
Business Type:
institutes network
Collaboration Type:
remote, freelancing (specialist)
Brand Values
• sustainability
• social responsibility
• ecological balance
• economic capability
• education
• action
policy makers & specialists
What does the brand do?
platform for regional exchange, particularly for sharing information, experiences, and expertise on climate smart agriculture
Services Provided
• creative concept
• art direction
• illustrations​

All the visual assets presented in this case study are the intellectual property of
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Ⓒ All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for allowing the use of the imagery to showcase my work.

Credits to mock-up creators and photographers for putting their work out there.
Many thanks - my portfolio looks pretty also because of you.

Thanks for reading - I hope it was relevant.

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