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LWD Cluj - My Contribution to the Women Local Designers' Community

A project born out of Ladies, Wine & Design Cluj is a video series initiative that I started in 2019, entitled "Girl Crush".

All of my work for this community has been pro-bono, just like the one of my colleagues.

The events meant a lot for unifying the women's local design community.

The Start

It was early 2017 when a dear friend of mine, a visual artist, invited some of us, creative ladies of the city, to join a photo shoot for a project of hers.

The gathering led to an online group chat - and that led to the LWD global link being shared in there.

I was so, so excited to see their mission. And that such a beautiful support net for creative women and non-binary exists.

So, one thing lead to another - and I took action. I sent the email to Ladies, Wine & Design that we want to open an event series in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The Story

Ever since, we have organized events in all sorts of alternative locations - from hubs to offices, from workshops to design showrooms, and from hostels to cafeterias.

We had on board sponsors, supporting us with the wine - aligned with the Ladies, Wine & Design global theme*. Once again many thanks to all the ones offering their space for the LWD Cluj gatherings and to our wine sponsors.

We also needed to bring our own contribution to make the magic happen. From skills to time invested, to catalysing our community members, connecting dots and making things happen.

Sometimes, the theme of the gathering was just discussing a hot topic - such as individual work versus working in a team. Or how to manage your social media presence, as a designer/creative.

Other times, the gathering turned into a lettering or embroidery workshop**. We even had a sustainability crash course - to educate fellow designers on how they can improve their impact as individuals on this planet.

During and after the pandemic, the event series took a longer break - we only had one Instagram Live session and one Zoom event.

// to be continued

All the visual assets presented in this case study are the intellectual property of the photographers and illustrators that have created them.
Photo Credits go to Ainhoa Morales & Andreea Boros

Thanks for reading - I hope it was relevant.

On the website you can discover some case studies. I consider all the results of my work a co-creation alongside my clients.

The selection of studies is just a glimpse of what my creative process can be.

Stay imaginative and open.
We can go places together.